Different ways to grilling

There are, to me, consider to be only two methods to grill; gas or charcoal. I am aware , like electric however to me, charcoal is the only way to get the same flavor and texture. I would always suggest charcoal grilling to those just starting out. Charcoal grilling is less expensive to begin with as compared to gas-fired grilling. A gas grill of the smallest size can cost you around 100 dollars. You can get a small charcoal grill for around thirty.

Before you can gain the skills needed to become a Best Price On Weber Charcoal Grills 2022 master grill artist, you must be able to operate grills and the most crucial step being, lighting the charcoal. It’s very simple; simply pile the charcoal in the center of the grill and then cover your charcoal in lighter liquid; about 3/4 of a cup. The amount of charcoal briquettes used will depend on the grill’s size as well as the quantity of food you are cooking and cooking duration. A good guideline is 35 briquettes for each pounds of meat.

Warning Do not use any other product other than lighter fluid that has been approved specifically for grilling and never make use of gasoline.

Allow the liquid to soak into the charcoal for five minutes. Light by placing a long tip lighter in various spots on your charcoal mound. The charcoal will burn for around 20 minutes, then all evenly spread across the grill base. Don’t sprinkle lighter fluid on hot coals. The lighter fluid can catch fire, burning all the way back to your hands and causing serious burns.

While this method can work quite well, I would strongly recommend making use of a chimney starter. Chimney starters are the simplest and safest method of starting the grill. Plus, you aren’t required to use chemicals to ignite the cooking fire. This also avoids the chemical taste that’s commonly associated with charcoal grilling. A chimney opener is round, metal cylinder, split into two compartments – there is one to house the flame starter (newspaper) and one to store the charcoal. They are inexpensive, costing approximately $20.

Place the newspaper in the bottom of the starter, remove the rack from the grill and place the starter in the bottom of the charcoal pan. Fill the top of the starter with charcoal, then illuminate the newspaper by using the holes on lower levels of your chimney. This draws the fire up the chimney starter by lighting the charcoal. Let the chimney starter set for around 30 minutes. When the coals are done to go, simply empty them into the grill’s bottom pan, and then lay them out in an evenly-spaced layer.

Note:Charcoal is ready when the briquettes turn into ash gray.

There’s an array of grill designs you can pick between, with prices ranging from 30 dollars to several thousand. But, unless you are an expert or have a big family or just love some of the best appliances at the bottom of the price scale can be used.

Grilling isn’t difficult and enjoyable, especially when you have the right equipment and the right knowledge on how of how to use it.

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