What are the Best Shoes for Servers and Bartenders to Buy in 2021

Serving customers is not something servers want to do while slipping on greasy floors. Best Shoes for Servers and Bartenders It is important to purchase anti-slip, high-quality shoes. These shoes can make or break the appearance of servers. You need to be able to walk for a long time without feeling tired. It is important to consider style, durability, comfort, and fit when choosing shoes.

Shoes that provide better arch support and flexibility will be ideal for long shifts. Here are 13 top-rated shoes for waitresses and servers. We also have everything you need to know before you buy them.

If your job requires that you stand or walk for long periods of time, shoes should be your first priority. You know that your job requires you to move around restaurants at all times. No matter what position you hold, whether you’re a waiter, manager, server, bartender or chef, you must always be on your feet and ready to take orders. You should also ensure that you serve your customers in the right time. We have compiled a list of the top shoes for restaurant servers.

Bartending can mean countless hours spent on your feet. This can lead to foot, ankle and arch problems. Arlene Roldan is co-owner of Los Angeles’ The Mermaid. “Long hours spent standing on your feet can cause long-term problems,” she says. “We must take care of those we have!”

Jason Allmond, Savannah’s Broughton common head bartender, says, “Finding the right shoes behind the bar can be very difficult, but once it works for you, you stick to it. I have friends and coworkers who swear by certain types shoes, so I guess that I am the same.”

We’ve gathered recommendations from bartenders to help you choose the right Best Shoes for Servers and Bartenders.

Bartenders are constantly on the go, and if your bartending experience includes working behind bars, you will probably feel the same…

It’s rare that you don’t get up and move around.

This shows that the right shoes can make the difference between a pleasant and difficult shift, or a tedious and painful few.

We don’t want anyone learning about the importance and necessity of comfortable, good shoes by accident. We did some research to come up with these recommendations. 

In the world of bartending, there is one thing everyone agrees on: shoes must fit. You will feel more pain after a long shift if your shoes don’t allow your feet enough room to move.

Statistics show that 82% of men don’t wear shoes that fit properly, while the same goes for 90% of women. It boils down to two sizes of shoes, right and wrong, for most people, especially those who work at the office.

It doesn’t matter if you work in a trendy fast-food restaurant or fine dining establishment; you will be on your feet most of the day after having Best Shoes for Servers and Bartenders. All of these jobs, no matter what your title, can be very difficult for any person. Shoes that aren’t made for this type of environment can prove to be very costly and dangerous.

1. Red Wing Men’s Iron Ranger 6″ Boot

Best Overall Red Wing Mens Iron Ranger 6 Boot

The Red Wing Men’s Iron Ranger 6-inch Boot is made in the USA and is durable and comfortable. Red Wing Men’s Iron Ranger 6” boots are stunningly detailed with contrast stitching and high polish hooks.

These boots are 100% made from premium leather. They also have non-marking, oil-resistant Nitrile Cork soles. The boot’s robust features include a leather heel pocket and a leather bump toe.

Red Wing Men’s Iron Ranger 6″ Boot is a premium product. However, it is very high quality and has no variations. This is a great option if you are looking for a pair of Best Shoes for Servers and Bartenders to be an indispensable bartending tool.

The key features

  • Premium leather
  • High polish hooks and eyelets, contrast stitching, and high-polished hooks
  • Soles made of Nitrile Cork that is oil-resistant and non-marking
  • Genuine quality without any deviations or variations
  • Unbeatable comfort and durability
  • Great support for the heel and ankle
  • Gently embrace your entire foot. It will become softer with time.
  • Smart-casual in amber and black
  • It is well worth the investment in high-quality construction
  • It can be difficult to properly break-in
  • Although the size is a little small, it can be improved later.

2. Dansko Women’s Pro XP Clog (Shoes For Crews)


Dansko Womens Pro XP Clog (Shoes For Crews)

The new Dansko collection is both stylish and comfortable thanks to Dansko’s fresh design. These shiny shoes are made from 100 percent leather. They are also water-resistant and will keep your feet dry.

This shoe’s padded instep improves comfort. This shoe will keep your feet warm while you’re running errands at work. It is not considered a disadvantage that the heel height increases the user’s height by an inch.

The shoe’s weight is also very light, which is a great feature. You will feel more comfortable moving around in the shoe’s lighter weight, which means you will be less fatigued. The anti-fatigue rocker bottom is a bonus that helps you work tirelessly throughout the day.

  • Weighing in at a light weight
  • Available in a variety of colors
  • Very comfortable
  • Outsole that is slip resistant
  • Leather upper
  • Durable
  • Reduction in traction

3. DUOYANGJIASHA Women’s Athletic Mesh


DUOYANGJIASHA Womens Athletic Mesh

Duoyangjiasha’s vibrant colors make these shoes stand out. They are also available in six different bright and light colours. These shoes are ideal for summer and any occupation because they allow your feet to breathe thanks to the cushioned insole.

These shoes are lightweight, so you can move quickly and help your customers more effectively. Your feet won’t tire as easily because the shoes are lightweight. They also act as shock absorbers, which is its best attribute. They are slip resistant and easy to clean.

You can customize the fit of your shoes with the laces. For a professional look at the Best Shoes for Servers and Bartenders, the laces can be worn with the shoes to camouflage them. They are very durable and won’t wear out for a long time. These shoes can also be worn casually. They can also be worn outside of the workplace.

  • More cushioning
  • Absorbent
  • Highly durable
  • Available in many colors
  • Economical price
  • Limitless Colors

4. Crocs Unisex Bistro Clog

Best for Pediatric Nurse Crocs Unisex Bistro Clog

Crocs Unisex Bistro Clogs are for those who work in the hospitality, foodservice and healthcare industries. These colorful Bistro clogs are sure to get you through busy shifts.

Crocs Unisex Bistro Clogs are comfortable, lightweight, and supportive. Crocs Lock has slip-resistant soles that resist slippage and additional protection at the toes. This makes Crocs Unisex Bistro Clog a great choice for bartending.

The back strap also ensures that your feet are secure while you run up and down stairs, which allows you to move fast and confidently.

The key features

  • Croslite 100%
  • Crocs are slip-resistant and lock the treads
  • Design for enclosed toes
  • Fatigued feet
  • Lightweight and super comfortable
  • It is easy to clean
  • There are many graphics to choose from

  • Hotter than normal, due to lack of airflow.
  • After a while, be squeaky!
  • No ankle support



New balance is a brand more well-known for its work shoes than its athletic shoes. However Best Shoes for Servers and Bartenders, this brand does a decent job in this area. Although their shoes are not of the highest quality, they can be a great alternative for anyone looking for a decent work shoe at an affordable price. We recommend the higher-ranked shoes for those who want something durable. New balance is a good choice if you are looking for a temporary shoe.

  • Relatively cheap
  • Styles
  • Slip resistance

  • Qualitative
  • Comfort

6. Skechers Women’s Soft Stride Softie Work Shoes

Skechers Womens Soft Stride Softie Work Shoes

Comfort, grip and support are essential for those who spend long hours in a restaurant. These shoes are 100% leather and feature a breathable, lace-up design for extra comfort. These shoes are also great value for money if you’re shopping on a tight budget. These shoes come in two colors and are slip-resistant and cushioned. They are the perfect shoes for trendy women who want something lightweight and comfortable.

7. Men’s Braddock Mid (Soft Toe) Work Boot

Best for Concrete Floors KEEN Utility Mens Braddock Mid (Soft Toe) Work Boot

KEEN Utility also makes a great men’s boot, the Men’s Braddock (Soft Toe), Waterproof Work Boot. This boot is dry, comfortable, and all-weather protected. It also has a cool design.

KEEN Utility Braddock mid Waterproof features KEEN Dry propriety waterproof. This waterproof membrane is breathable and allows only vapor to escape, not water. KEEN Patented toe Protection is also included in these boots.

Best Shoes for Servers and Bartenders, This work boot is also extremely comfortable, with a soft-toe that can withstand harsh conditions, a PU sole attached directly, a slip- and grip oil-resistant outsole and removable dual-density EVA footbed.

The key features

  • KEEN Dry waterproof
  • KEEN.Grip slip- and oil-resistant outsole
  • KEEN Patented toe protection
  • Footbed removable with dual-density EVA metatomical footbed
  • Lightweight
  • Breathable lace up design
  • Anti-slip, cushioned shoes
  • Synthetic sole
  • It is not possible to clean easily
  • Easy to stick dirt to the sole of your shoe

8. Sure Track by Skechers Work Footwear

Sure Track by Skechers Work Footwear

These shoes are unique and will not be replaced. These shoes have a slip-resistant rubber sole and a soft fabric collar to protect your feet from moisture and smell. The midsoles have been designed to offer greater comfort and shock absorption. These midsoles are made of genuine leather and can be used indoors or outdoors.

  • Fabric that stretches for the top panel is used
  • Slip-on design for a comfortable fit
  • Memory foam cushioning
  • Anti-slip and shock absorbent
  • Conforms to ASTM F2412-05 standards
  • Wide feet may not be supported adequately

9. KEEN Utility Women’s PTC Oxford Work Shoe

KEEN Utility Womens PTC Oxford Work Shoe

Look at the Best Shoes for Servers and Bartenders which are professional-looking, breathable and true to size. These shoes are ideal for food servers and nurses. These shoes are made from 100% leather and are oil and slip resistant. These shoes have a lace-up design and are easy to remove and wear. These shoes are made with recycled PU, cork, memory foam, and other materials to provide support and comfort for your feet.

  • For better support, cushioned footbed
  • Support with memory foam
  • It is easy to clean and wipe.
  • Slip- and oil-resistant
  • ASTM F1667-96 Mark II Non-Slip Standards
  • Quite expensive

10. Avia Women’s Avi-Focus Food Service Shoe


Avia Womens Avi Focus Food Service Shoe

It can be difficult to find the right shoes for work. But if you have a shoe that is stylish, comfortable, and safe, it is easy. If you spend long hours on your feet at the office, these server shoes with a rubber sole are a great choice. These shoes have a memory foam sock liner, which provides excellent grip.

  • Stain and oil resistant
  • Supportive memory foam cushioning
  • Allows for room between the toes
  • Durable

  • Runs in a larger size

What to Look for in Bartender Shoes?

Comfort is the most important thing when shopping for shoes for bartenders. Comfort and structure are key. Long hours spent standing on your feet can cause injury to your back, ankles, and other body parts. We recommend looking for something Best Shoes for Servers and Bartenders that provides support but does not compromise comfort. Your work environment will also play a role in determining other important factors. Safety is equally important as comfort. Make sure you have non-slip soles in your footwear bag in case your bar becomes slippery or sticky.

Although they are less important than structure, materials can be just as important. Look for materials that will not only fit your body and feet but also dry your feet. They can also be easy to clean in case of spills. While style is important, this is not the most important. Although we may want to feel comfortable in our shoes, it is more important to feel physically healthy.

Closing Thoughts

Comfort and structure are key. Although the Doc Martens are our top pick overall, we would not recommend wearing them before they have been properly broken in. To test it out Best Shoes for Servers and Bartenders, wear them outside of work ( view at Walmart). Although sneakers are stylish and affordable, they don’t last as long as the other shoes in this list. We’d rank the Docs second, but our choices for the Dansko (see the brand’s website) and Blundstone, (view it on Amazon), are the next best options. They have removable soles, support and a lifetime guarantee.

Bartenders need shoes to live a normal life. Problem is that most people don’t give their bar shoes the same importance as their everyday shoes.

This guide will help you find the right pair for you. It will also make it easier to serve drinks.

You should consider the features you need in shoes to serve food at restaurants. It is hard work to work in a restaurant. You will be constantly on the move and may have to drink a lot. You need shoes that can withstand all that and give your feet the comfort they deserve after a long day of hard work.

The waiters and waitresses in a restaurant are the most difficult of all employees. They will be walking around on their feet the entire day. They will not have any time to rest their feet during busy hours. Every order is followed by another, making it all very hectic.

Your feet will be the most affected by all this effort. You will suffer if you don’t find the right shoes for your feet to help with the overwork. Although we have recommended some top-quality shoes, if you are looking for something more specific, the following products will be of great help about Best Shoes for Servers and Bartenders.

  • Shoes for Crews Evolution II for Men are ideal for waiters. These shoes are light and slip-resistant. They are ideal for waiters who need to wear them every day.
  • The Skechers for Work Women’s Gozard Shoes are a great choice for waitresses. These shoes feature memory foam insoles that are resistant to slip and high resistance. These shoes will allow waitresses to feel stable and comfortable while they work.

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